JP Boucher Interview

Click the headline above to read our interview with UNited’s most popular skate team rider, ‘JP Boucher’. If you’ve been to the Plaza in Vancouver, I’m sure you’ve seen him skating there.

Tell us where you grew up and how you ended up in Vancouver ?

I grew up between 2 amazing cities in Peru:Trujillo and Lima. I moved to Vancouver in 2000 and I stayed for 4 years. Then I returned in 2008 until now. My background is Quebecua.

When did you start skating for UNited Clothing and how did that come about ?

I have been riding for United for the past 3 years, at that time Bruce T was making some skateboard video with some videographer from Ontario,Brendon Somppi. One day he saw me skateboarding at the Plaza and asked me if I wanted to have some part in the video and then Bruce asked me I wanted to be a rider for United.

You seem to travel to South America quite a bit, what’s your favourite skate spot and how’s the scene down there ?

I traveled around South America and part of center america for 4 years,2004 – 2008: Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Jamaica and Peru. I dont have one particular spot but i can tell you some awesome spots like Telecom in Bogota, La Plataforma and Vista alegre in Lima, Los Muros rojos in Guayaquil, Hussein in Buenos Aires, etc, etc, etc. South America’s Skateboard is really competitive,there are incredibles skateboarders. Brasil is a good example, skateboarders from Sau Paulo city.

Where do you usually like to skate in Vancouver and with who ?

Right now, I am fokusing on Skate Plaza and skateboarding with the regulars there. But I also have been finding good little unknown spots in Vancity on my own.

Any roadtrip plans coming up ?

Next time I am going to California and San Francisco.

If you could travel anywhere for skating where would it be ?  

Peru and Colombia.

You’re part in the UNited video was sick, you definately have you’re own style and not trying to follow everyone else. Are you filming for anything right now, future projects ?

For the video Sunqu -Peru and a new skateboarding part for United Riders Clothing.

What’s playing in your ipod right now ?  

Zepellin, AC DC, Maiden, Sabbath, Pink Floyd, etc,etc.

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