20 Years Of United Riders Clothing

Here at United we’re celebrating 20 years of making rider owned and operated clothing / outerwear. We’re very proud to have made it this far in an industry that has had its fair share of ups and down and corporate takeovers. But we’re still here and delivering our core brand message and striving to make better products.

We’ve come up with this logo, shown below, celebrating our 20 years of business and all our team riders who have helped us out throughout the years. You can order it through us, just send us an email. It’s available in tee, long sleeve and hoody.

United Riders ltd. edition print 1996-2016
Dedicated to all the Riders that have rode for United past , present and beyond. United has been honoured to have had these amazing dudes riding for United over the years,
Rueben Kambeitz , Tim Nelson , Stacey Burke , Waylon Edwards , Hugh Fraser, Devun Walsh , Jason Buckles , Dave Neil , John Spence , Geoff Dermer, Wade Fyfe, Danny Hagge, Simon Disher, Brian Wherry, Jimmy Miller , Sluggo , Tory Goodall, John Baker , Randy Monchalin , Aaron Cayer , Dave Boyce , Mike Boucher , Jon Coleman , Ben Davies , Justin Davies , Dawn Gillen , Mercedes Nicoll , Mike Osachuk , Stracey Ernewein , Kalina Hornsby , Mark Lagodzki , Crystal Jennings , Dave Krystoff , Danielle Piche , Dan Pitts , Jeremy Reedman , Brett Stanford , Ryan Oughton, Steve Zorn / Meghann O’Brien , Sebastien Desmarais , Graydon Kavanagh , Max Henault , Nick Samson , Darren Cingel , Donny Ellis , Ingmar Brink, Tim Barker, Justin Sheehy , Ricky Svitek , Natasha Mccormick , Paul Welters, Dan Pageau , Roger Bruinsma , Will Durie, Arte Lew, Hilliard Sulpher , Tyler Gaucher , Billy Gallagher, Chris Kendall , Dwight Pinea , Tamara Drybrough , Andreas Tsougrianis, Jesse de Champlain , Craig Williams , Jesse Greer , Aaron Carruthers , Bruce Tucker, Curtis Bear, Shawn Sattler, Mike Collins, Steve Denham , Desmond Hoostie, Lanny DeBoer, JP Boucher, Matt Mcaan, Dave King, and many more , Thanks for keeping the United Riders spirit alive , much love to all.



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