Roadtrip : Calabogie Peaks Resort

This past week we packed up a few team guys and headed out to Calabogie Peaks Resort to shred some east coast groomers and get a few photos/vids. And we had a blast. Calabogie is located about 50 min west of Ottawa Ont. Canada. Lots of snow and tons of rollers and little hits everywhere to pop off of. The people are friendly with a very laid back vibe. We were up on the weekend and were expecting to be waiting in long lift lines, but that wasn’t the case at all. Basically we had back to back runs with very few people to get in our way on the runs. Pleasant surprise for sure. We’ve been to a few other resorts around the Ottawa area and spent most of our day waiting in line ups and trying to deal with over crowded runs, but not here. We stayed right at the base of the mountain and enjoyed some great beer on tap, relaxed in their hot tub and met some great people. Definitely check them out if you’re in the area (, we’ll be back soon for sure.




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